If the Algorithm has plugged you into a venue of Twitter like the one I occupy, then you’ve surely seen a bounty of calls for the resignation of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. This week videos and comments of Greene, some from her social media, others from her earliest days as a US Representative, have become the focus of internet ire from the left and center (whatever is left of it, that is). To briefly overview some of the outrage-inducing highlights:

The classic ride parked in the carport of a mid-century home at the top of a well-watered green hill. A rundown gas station, desolate, neon glowing in the mist of night. A laundromat full of chrome, empty except for a handsome young man in a white T-shirt, jeans, and red Converse high-tops. The scenes of an America once hailed the world over as prosperous, advanced; an America gone; one that, perhaps, only ever existed in our imagination.

People like me — millennials and the younger Gen Z — who grew up in the post-9/11 years, we grew up in an…

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Co-opting Amazon’s corporate privilege to get a high-speed rail system for everyone else.

This month, Amazon, a multi-billion dollar company best known for its e-commerce platform, Web Services, and video streaming service, announced that it would be opening at least two new locations as part of its HQ2 initiative. Long Island City, New York and Arlington, Virginia — already wealthy areas plugged into some of the nation’s most commercially active regions — will serve as the homes of these new Amazon outposts after their cities’ bids won in a nationally followed competition to be the city Amazon would pick.


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Roughly two years ago my family home was the scene of political strife. Not protest in the street à la Charlottesville, but the private ways our political turmoil touches us: the awkward Thanksgivings, the squabbles and unfriending cousins on Facebook — and in my case, an argument about the predictions made in The New York Times that morning about the outcome of that election.

Yesterday, Americans voted in another election, many hoping for a colossal shift in power. Modest predictions proved accurate, with the Democrats winning back the House of Representatives, but the overall tone from much reporting leading up…

LaLa World will offer a number of financial services made possible by the identity verification blockchain can enable.

One of the key utilizations blockchain advocates point to when championing cryptocurrencies is a decentralized ledger’s ability to potentially integrate the masses of unbanked people on our planet. While it might sound like a utopian dream, some people just crave challenging feats. Currently, banks and other financial institutions are wary to give microloans, open locations, or offer services to people living in countries where financial institutions are weak and/or where corruption is high; the very tools required to determine the financial risks are inadequate to enable banks to offer services to people living in such areas.

For that reason, there…

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Were George Orwell to come back to life, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think he would die of a heart attack moments just after resurrection.

Forget the surface layer aesthetic of the 21st century: a time when people stare at their screens, now with wireless ear buds drowning out the world around them, obsessed with the latest content curated to them by some nebulous tech giant like Apple or Google. He would most vigorously rail against our world for allowing profits to become more important than the quality of our art, air, living, and politics. …

My meetings with the founder of NEO and Onchain’s CEO, and the chief architect of Onchain’s newest project, the Ontology Network.

Li Jun (left) and Da Hongfei (right) stopping to allow fans and journalists to photograph them after a successful launch event.

This Monday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Ontology Network, a new ecosystem designed to interlink blockchains and enhance trust and speed across the Internet. The launch was held at One Chase Plaza, a skyscraper property in lower Manhattan owned by the Fosun Group, a multi-billion dollar Chinese investment firm backing Onchain, the company behind the Ontology Network.

The event also featured a presentation on NEO, the blockchain cryptocurrency listed on countless crypto exchanges, whose…

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The Age of the App

Much time has passed since Apple launched its first iPhone back in the 2000s. The app wave that the iPhone ushered in had since spread to different platforms such as Google Play and Android, with everything from study tools to photographic light meters to games of all types have all seen tremendous growth. There are now so many apps that it is now hard to choose between multiple apps vying to help consumers in the same way.

One of the most interesting economic developments to come out of this technological development is the creation of…

The future of commercial trading is increasingly looking like one in which anyone, anywhere, anytime can make a trade safely and without facing the entry barriers currently in place.

The first commercial exchanges opened in Europe in the 17th century transformed commerce permanently. Hundreds of years later, brokers still meet in set locations to swap a number of items: commodities, currencies, securities; many centuries-old methods are still used to uphold this system. Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, however, the traditional financial world has been turned on its head. Decentralization has made it possible for individuals to send money across the world without paying fees, to trust strangers, and to move economic power to the people and away from large financial institutions.

This began mostly with the Bitcoin revolution, which…

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