Frankly, this entire article is fallacious.

AOC’s sharing a working class struggle (something we usually only see politicians pander to) using social media is reflective of her background and age. The stark contrast between waitress and mogul is apparent across their tactics as well. Trump uses Twitter to obfuscate and enrage; AOC to explain and inspire (not terrify to action… i.e. the caravan).

Furthermore, comparing their activity on Twitter does nothing to account for what they both share. The tweets you have compared are incomparable, as her tweets were as a candidate or representative-elect, whereas Trump in 2012 was just a troll.

And since he has become president, others have taken up his mantle, and they are responsible for much of the vitriol being spewed about her. As a Latina, democratic socialist woman from a working class, Catholic background, who has managed to turn the political order on its head, well, it is an understatement to say white nationalist and alt-right trolls and pundits are working day and night to malign her image (as they did Obama’s).

There is such a thing as asymmetric polarization. One side here is far off the deep end while the other is still grounded in reality. Acting like there are two sides is a calming falsehood, but lies and racism compare in no way to sharing a struggle that has been tragically absent from Washington since LBJ, the last president to have truly humble roots and no Ivy education.

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